John has been a great help to us as a manufacturer trying to penetrate the independent dealer space. He not only understands the dealer perspective, he is visionary about how the independent can survive and thrive. His deep knowledge of the technology capabilities and limitations is a big plus for helping dealers and manufacturers break free from industry strongholds and increase margins for all.

Janet Collins
Past President - GMi Companies

John Hauptstueck has been a business partner of mine for nearly seven years now and I can truthfully say that he is one of the most knowledgeable and well versed business men I have ever had the opportunity to work with. He brings a tremendous amount of experience and passion to his work every day that is truly contagious. I view him as an industry leader and someone I sincerely trust as a mentor in all phases of the office supply business.

Scott Orr
Channel Manager - Enterprise Group

I have had the pleasure to have worked alongside John in many capacities: fellow ISG Staffer, IS Board Director, IS Dealer and friend. His work ethic, dedication to the IDC, and phenomenal creativity and vision has been invaluable to our industry. I would encourage anyone to engage John. You will not be disappointed and probably ask why it took so long for you to contact him.

Mike Gentile
President/CEO – Independent Stationers

John Hauptstueck is one of the finest individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing both within and outside of the independent office products dealer channel.

I actually hired John to work for Independent Stationers around 2000, and he was absolutely one of the best decisions I ever made. It was an easy hire because John had three huge benefits that placed him head over heels to anyone else – 1) wealth of experience as an independent dealer; 2) high acumen in back office dealer systems; and 3) a rock solid reputation/work ethic.

So, I was glad to see John circle back to the dealer side with his acquisition of Rosa’s, although it meant that he would not be readily accessible to dealers needing his expertise and counsel for their businesses. John’s decision to move towards consulting again for dealers is indeed excellent news for our channel.

Grady E Taylor
Executive Vice President – TriMega Purchasing Association

With John’s ongoing wise and timely counsel in our sling, we continue to stand toe-to-toe with Goliath and overcome.

Dallas Owen

John has a positive disposition that can ignite any organization to its potential. He is determined and his demeanor is infectious.

Cindy Ashburn
Vice President of Sales at Records Pro

John is a great guy. Likes his beer and knows his shit.

Butch West
President -

John is the best industry consultant we have used for our business. He offers a unique combination of leading edge industry and technology knowledge and experience, coupled with a keen ability to assess and evaluate environments, opportunities and people. His warm, friendly and encouraging style enables him to help everyone accept and implement change. He is also forward thinking, strategic and innovative, and will typically offer new ideas and perspectives in addition to helping solve the issues he is hired to address. John has owned and/or managed multiple business, in and out of our industry, which also gives him unique perspectives to offer, and makes it very easy for management to relate to him. I feel fortunate to have him available as a resource again.

Steve Danziger
President – AAA Solutions – San Francisco, CA

John is a valuable asset to any business. He is passionate about helping other businesses succeed and will go to great lengths to ensure success for his clients. He is both a strategic and tactical executive who will do whatever it takes to help others. Having worked in the industry as an employee, owner, and consultant John brings a diverse set of skills and perspective. If you are looking for a consultant who does more than just “consult” but rather partner with you and your business, then John is an excellent choice.

Traci Johnson
ECi Software Solutions – SVP Global Corporate Marketing

John has been one of our most forward thinking customers for years and we often take ideas or thoughts to him to gain his input and/or blessing. Many of our customers rely on John to help them with best practices, business flows and overall utilization of their software. He applies a business aspect to technology solutions.

Ron Books
President/CEO – ECi Software Solutions

John’s industry knowledge and constant forward-vision is a must have, and a voice I have relied on and listened to many times. As the industry continues to morph and evolve John’s input is a must for those seeking success.

Andrew Morgan
Co-President ECi Software Solutions

I always thought you were the most effective consultant we ever used. Your combination of system expertise and real world experience as a dealer always provided exceptional value in the time we spent with you. I could not recommend anyone more highly!

Chuck Inwood
President at Nickerson Business Supplies, Inc.