CEO Strategist/Consultant

John Hauptstueck

Graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering John worked his way from the electrical field in the 70’s to back-office procurement management in the early 80’s. During the mid-80’s John learned he loved to build business and created several turn-key lighting operations for Indiana business’. One day in 1986 he fell in love with how computers and technology can change our world and especially the business management environment. John went to work as an IBM computer sales-person in 1987 at the company that he and his wife later bought from the Rosa family in 2006. Within one year John was able to secure over $1 million in computer sales and appointed General Manager of the operations. Using his drive to improve internal processes John pushed all of the limits of their ERP system DDMS.

In 1990 DDMS hired John as a Consultant to help other Office Products dealerships utilize the special programming and reporting to automate their business. Demand grew fast and in 1993 John left Rosa’s Office Plus and hit the road consulting over 350 dealerships in the USA and Caribbean.

In April of 1996 DDMS hired and moved John and his family to Dallas/Fort Worth Texas to help develop and build new internal systems for the ERP Company. His success there includes the building of their 24/7 support systems still in use today, as well as the Specialist Support team; building specialized software and support for the largest clients of the DDMS system. After his two year contract was completed, John left DDMS after his unsuccessful bid to purchase the company.

In 1998 John then went on to build three more successful companies in Texas; Nextel Wireless Communications, a Business Consulting firm and a Northern Texas Sand and Aggregate company. After exiting these successful companies in 2000 John and his wife Vicky contemplated their future and where their happiness truly laid. It became obvious to them both that John loves to build and strategize in the OP industry. After a short six months as USA President of Vecta Software (a UK company) John was recruited to join the team at Independent Stationers, a Cooperative in the OP industry he was very familiar with since Rosa’s Office Plus was one of the original founders in 1977.

As Director of Ecommerce in 2001, John was charged to build and manage a team to create the first fully competitive Ecommerce system for the Independent Dealer Channel (IDC) to help them compete with the big box competition of Staples, Office Depot and Office Max. Launching the new system in 2002 they built over 730 systems which today have evolved to be the main system in its third evolution used by over 1000 dealers nationwide through a partnership deal between Independent Stationers and Ecommerce Industries which bought out the DDMS ERP system in 1999.

In 2006, Bob Rosa of Richmond Indiana decided to retire and reached out the John and Vicky and struck a deal for them to purchase the company. Vicky was appointed the President in 2013 and John moved his efforts to a broad scale of helping many businesses in multiple industries. In April 2016 John and Vicky successfully merged Rosa’s Office Plus with Office360 of Indianapolis.

John’s ability to look at a problem and reverse engineer a solution is a key to his success in many of these industries. You can keep up with his areas of consulting help under another part of this website.

One more love that John has that is for him his hobby: inventing new products. John holds several patents and continues to develop more as he sees the problem and acts on it to build and create the solution.